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Impact of phytoestrogens on research, Volume 1

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Are dietary isoflavones impacting your research? Download a copy of 'Impact of phytoestrogens on research, Volume 1' and find out more.

Repeatable research counts on consistent results, but natural and variable sources of phytoestrogens may be impacting your end points

It is important to understand the issues with isoflavones found in soybean protein, used in most laboratory animal diets

Predicting the impact of dietary isoflavones on research outcomes is a difficult challenge it is possible to avoid research variability to an extent

Download Volume 1 of our Ask a Nutritionist Series technical sheet ‘Dietary phytoestrogens, a source of research variation’ and to understand more:

  • Restricting isoflavone variation through selective sourcing
  • Modulating pathological conditions such as cancer, metabolic syndrome, and neurodegeneration
  • Minimizing isoflavones to avoid the effect on varying tissue responses
  • Importance of consulting a nutritionist during the research diet selection process

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