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    Improvement Project: Enhancing Animal Welfare and Surgical Monitoring in Surgical Rodent Models

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    RFID microchips - the future of animal monitoring
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    New technologies such as implantable RFID microchips enable researchers to monitor rodent temperature and activity in a real-time, continuous, non-invasive manner. This innovative development enables labs to monitor their rodents more effectively while also furthering the 3Rs.

    Our new white paper details how RFID technology provided valuable data in a recent comparative study on animal model recovery parameters.

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    Our white paper details the results of a recent improvement project designed to enhance the pre- and post-surgical monitoring of cardiac surgical models while improving animal welfare. In this project, we learned:
    • Key insights into rodent heat loss during and post-surgery
    • How heat loss affects animal recovery times
    • That heat loss affected mice more than rats

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