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    Read about Envigo’s R2G2® mouse and its promising performance in a recent tolerability study

    A white paper on the R2G2 mouse model

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    Gain insights on the performance of Envigo’s R2G2 mouse model:

    View data on overall survival rate and animal body weights – two important variables in preclinical oncology pharmaceutical studies

    Learn about how the R2G2 mouse performed in terms of tolerating chemotherapy drugs, maintaining a stable weight and exhibiting adverse effects in response to estrogen therapy

    Get insights on how to make the most optimal choice for preclinical testing of your investigational cancer therapy

    Download today and you’ll learn about:

    • The background of the R2G2® mouse
    • How the R2G2® mouse generally handled three standard-of-care chemotherapy drugs in terms of overall survival and body weight
    • Adverse effects to estrogen therapy in the R2G2® mouse in terms of survival and body weight

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