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PDX, CDX and Allograft Growth in the R2G2® Mouse

Promising new research involving our new R2G2® model

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Three recent studies made it clear: the R2G2® mouse is well suited for preclinical cancer studies that generate PDX, CDX and allograft models.

The R2G2® mouse exhibited reduced radiosensitivity compared to NSGTM mice and tolerated estrogen supplementation and three standard-of-care chemotherapy drugs reasonably well. Moreover, as compared to other traditionally used immunodeficient strains, the R2G2® mouse had higher take rates and more favorable tumor growth.

Based on the findings of these three studies, researchers should feel confident selecting the R2G2® mouse for their next preclinical cancer study.

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  • R2G2® mice responded favorably to estrogen supplementation
  • Three standard-of-care chemotherapy drugs were well tolerated in the R2G2® mice
  • R2G2® mice had reduced radiosensitivity compared to NSGTM mice
  • In some cases, the R2G2® model had higher take rates and better tumor growth date than other immunodeficient strains.

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