Best practices on bridging studies

    Key considerations in switching to a new oncology rodent strain

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    Get insights on bridging from an existing rodent strain to another

    Switching strains can be the key to success in oncology preclinical efficacy and pharmacology studies, but the short-term barriers associated with switching strains can appear complex and daunting.

    Understand the potential risks and benefits in our informative e-book and learn how to enhance the potential success of your preclinical oncology program.

    Selecting the right model and rodent strain for your oncology studies can maximize the chances of success.

    Download your copy today and:

    • Learn why researchers switch rodent strains
    • Recognize the importance of bridging studies when switching strains 
    • Get insights on the steps to consider in your planning process
    • Explore best practices on generating data to validate a new strain 


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