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    Nonhuman primate shortage is forecasted to accelerate: Planning ahead is key to circumvent potential disruptions in research

    Don’t let forecasted NHP shortages slow down your study

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    Our new paper, “Non-Human Primate Shortage Is Forecasted to Accelerate: Planning Ahead Is Key to Circumvent Potential Disruptions in Research,” discusses key reasons for the projected shortfall and ways researchers can obviate its impact on their research programs.

    Major reasons for the NHP shortage include:

    • Increased NHP use
    • Long lead times for colony expansion
    • Limited availability of animals with certain genetic and/or physiological characteristics

    Unfortunately, the expansion of biomedical research in China and the increased development of biologics are expected to worsen NHP availability going forward.

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    • Proactive researchers should evaluate the best ways to ensure a stable supply of animals going forward
    • Trusted vendors can procure and board animals for their partner’s exclusive use
    • Doing so can be more cost-effective while ensuring long-term, on-demand availability of invaluable NHPs

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