[On-demand webinar] Home cage temperature and activity monitoring of rodent cardiovascular models using RFID microchips pre- and post-surgery

    Discover the positive impact that RFID monitoring has for rodent model welfare and recovery

    Brad Gien and Matt Ruiter
    Research models and services Surgical services

    R986 RFID monitoring webinar screen light strokeUnderstanding rodent recovery parameters after cardiovascular surgeries require monitoring changes in behaviors and physical characteristics over long periods of time. This can be a costly and resource-intensive process to monitor.

    A new radio-frequency identification (RFID) system allows for passive real-time monitoring of location, movement and animal temperature in a home cage setting. Researchers can record the animal's location and temperature to provide a behavioral analysis of the animal in a single or group-housed setting after surgical procedures. A comparative study reveals insights on rodent surgical model recovery aspects, in conjunction to cardiovascular surgeries like myocardial infarction (MI) and transverse aortic constriction (TAC) models.

    Within this webinar, we'll discuss the following:

    • Role of RFID in research to understand rodent recovery parameters in a home cage setting
    • Analysis of a comparative study on animal model recovery parameters
    • Positive impact on animal welfare (3R's) in surgical models


    Brad Gien, Head of North America Surgery, Envigo

    Matt Ruiter, Chief Scientific Officer, UID Identification Solutions


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