Choosing a commercial partner for large-scale rederivation projects of laboratory animal facilities

    Tackle your biggest rederivation hurdles with help from our experienced project managers

    K Barnett
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    The prospect of refurbishing an existing laboratory animal facility or relocating to a new facility can be daunting. Additionally, selecting a trusted partner to support in this endeavor can be a costly and resource-intensive process.

    Effective project management is critical in any rederivation program, particularly when challenged with the relocation of hundreds of animal lines. How do you ensure key milestones are not overlooked? What important factors should you consider when selecting a commercial partner? What information will you need to provide your selected partner?

    Learn about an outline of a typical project plan for large-scale rederivation projects, including the utilization of cryopreservation, revitalization, rederivation and contract breeding services.

    In this webinar, the featured speaker will discuss:

    • Key considerations when selecting a commercial partner
    • The fundamental questions you should ask
    • Your selected partners’ requirements and expectations of you


    Kelly Barnett, Project Manager, Envigo

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