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[White paper] The future of inhaled medications and inhalation technology: formulations, devices and strategy through non-clinical development

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Download a copy of our white paper and discover current trends in the development of drugs for treating both respiratory and systemic diseases, drug formulation, and inhalation technology

Historically, inhaled drugs have been used to deliver medicines targeted at the main respiratory diseases, namely asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)

The need for efficacious medications for these incurable diseases is still a major focus for research, and off-patent drugs are able to bring in large revenues

Innovations in drug formulation engineering techniques and inhalation device designs are leading to more efficacious new, combination and generic drugs

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  • Explore the current trends in inhalation technology
  • Learn from the industry's first-to-market trend setters
  • Discover the potential of new particle engineering techniques to lower doses and increase drug efficacy
  • Understand the impact of inhalation tecnology strategy on drug discovery and non-clinical development



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