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Advances in immunodeficient nude and hairless mouse models

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Advances in immunodeficient nude and hairless mouse models

Download your copy of the advances in models white paper and SHrN® information sheets

Developed by Envigo, the SHrN ("Shorn") model delivers on our mission of providing innovative models and services to improve your research.

With a level of immunodeficiency that goes beyond other traditional hairless SCID mice and fewer dendritic cells than all triple-deficient models, the SHrN brings a new option to oncology and immunology researchers.

With no need to shave the model, you'll save time and effort in the lab. To receive more information and to download our white paper on the advances in immunodeficient hairless models and the SHrN information sheets, please fill out the form.


Researchers from various biomedical disciplines are continuing to cross frontiers creating novel models and contributing new knowledge in their attempt to enhance human health through the use of immunodeficient mice. 

Immunodeficient models are well-positioned to help revolutionize the drug discovery and development process. Immunodeficient models lacking hair prove valuable for imaging purposeds for two reasons: 

  • As the models do not need to be shaved, which saves considerable time and reduces the likelihood of irritating the animal's skin or generating abrasions and lacerations

  • These hairless models pose fewer problems for the success of optical imaging


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