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[Informational e-book] How to select the right oncology model

This e-book provides a comprehensive base of information to help you select the right model and environment for your oncology research.

When it comes to successful oncology research, one area that can help increase your success rate is choosing the right animal model right from the start. Your compound’s effect on tumors is influenced by the right animal model.

What’s more, if the right model is chosen from the beginning, you can accelerate your research and avoid any testing redundancy or unnecessary repeat steps.

No matter what your oncology research focus, your success starts with the right animal model. Your ability to research and leverage this earlier work can have a dramatic effect on the time, resources and dollars you put into your research.

Download ‘How to select the right oncology model’ e-book and discover:

  • The importance of selecting the right oncology rodent model and how
  • Critical factors to consider when selecting your animal model and why
  • Different types of oncology rodent models and including their benefits and challenges
  • How to optimize your model selection process

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